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5 good shows you can watch right now on Netflix Canada!


I’m guessing you’ve all heard the mantra: “Netflix originals suck ass!” Well, most of them at the very least. Anyways, Netflix has had a lot of problems with quality control as of late, instead seemingly opting for a more “quantity over quality” type approach. No need to fret dear reader for I’m here to talk about some of the better shows you can watch right now on Netflix Canada. None of that exploitative, pandering bullshit to be found here, this is raw entertainment that’ll satisfy your cravings. Continue reading “5 good shows you can watch right now on Netflix Canada!”

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10 Asian films you should check out!

Yu Ji-tae

I’ll admit it, I’m turning into a bit of cinephile. Ever since starting uni, I’ve been immensely intrigued by the inner workings, performances and presentations of movies. The film industry is wracked with a massive history spanning multiple decades, and to witness it blossom to fruition is a sight that needs to be endured. Continue reading “10 Asian films you should check out!”

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Recommendation night: Serial Experiments Lain


So I’ve realized I’ve been rambling a lot about some modern anime titles, that I thought it would be nice to talk about an older show that I recently just watched. Airing in 1998, Serial Experiments Lain is regarded by many anime connoisseurs as one of the all time classics. Its considered to be up there with the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, and Akira as far as cyberpunk themed titles go. And to an extent, I can highly concur to that.   Continue reading “Recommendation night: Serial Experiments Lain”

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Millennialism, loneliness, and social media in ‘Ingrid Goes West’


Social media is an unprecedented vehicle for people to connect with one another from across the globe. Fact of the matter is, its advent has led to the insurgence of some interesting phenomena. From people acting under the guise of trolls, to literal edgelords threatening to slit their own wrists, the internet has become a safe haven for people to vent out their frustrations under the protection of anonymity. The idea that anonymity is a thing on these platforms, only makes matters worse, as people from all sorts of backgrounds hide themselves behind an avatar (some of which would include an anime character of some sort) to plot their next move, while disguising their identity in the heat of battle. Continue reading “Millennialism, loneliness, and social media in ‘Ingrid Goes West’”