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Happy Halloween!!!


This ain’t a review or anything, just a piece I wanted to write about on my favorite holiday. As a horror enthusiast, I simply adore the Halloween season and even went as far as to try out a challenge (by watching a horror film each day this October). And what perfect occasion to spend it, than my day off from work? I ended up helping to tend to a conference that had a turnout of over 3000 people at a convention center (this is to be expected if you work in the events industry), so I came home weary, lethargic and unmotivated. Because of this, I’m putting the Spooktober reviews on hold until sometime next month. Got to have some fun on the 31st, especially since I’m off work for the day.

Anyways, I’d like to touch upon what my plans:

  • Start reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.
  • Finish watching Haunting of Hill House (maybe I’ll do a spooktober review on this).
  • Binge watching the entirety of Castlevania Season 2 (definitely reviewing this one).
  • Watch some horror flicks (presumably one with a couple of friends on Feel free to share some recs guys!
  • Carve a pumpkin (maybe).
  • Play a bit of Soma.

Also, you guys should check out the Friday the 13th intros to get yourselves into the Halloween spirit. They’re so incredibly cheesy and overblown – I have nothing but immense affection for them. I mean, how could you not find these hilarious?! My personal favorites are the ones used for A New Beginning and Jason Lives. The former just forces giggles out of me for some reason (pretty sure its the title screen exploding with a stock sound effect after Jason’s mask flies into it).


I also love how the one for Jason Lives is a blatant homage to James Bond. Like, the filmmakers aren’t even trying to hide it.


Anyways, check them out! They’re pure, unadulterated, cheese.

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