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Recommendation night: It Comes at Night

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Recently I stumbled across a horror flick that seemed to garner a lot of polarizing opinions regarding its overall quality. That film was “It Comes at Night.” Directed by Trey Edward Shults, it’s a thriller exploring the human condition during an apocalyptic scenario.

Wow, now this is the gradual, atmospheric, bleak horror flick that I really needed after a string of abysmal and contrived gorefests and jumpscare fares that seem to be a staple of the genre.

I’m not going to say too much about it in fear of me spoiling some key elements to you, but it’s basically an examination of human nature during a time of desperate survival. This isn’t really a typical horror flick in the sense that there’s a supernatural entity looming around the corner, which ironically seems to be what the trailer in question was advertising but rather something grounded in reality.

Its like they’re prepping for a seance.

What I really admire about the film is just how subtle it really is. The audience has to try to figure certain elements out by themselves and even the characters are uncertain of their predicament. It’s not difficult and you can most definitely piece things together as long as you pay attention to the environment and the character’s actions. The music creates this atmosphere of dread and uneasiness that is present throughout the movie, a type of soundtrack which starts off low to build tension and builds up to a crescendo during its climax, while gradually winding down when the suspense dissipates. It also does a great job at getting you to care for these characters in a span of only an hour and a half. You really feel like you are watching real human beings cope and bond together.

Overall highly recommended. I’d probably say it’s also the best movie I’ve seen in 2017, even surpassing Blade Runner 2049. It’s probably one of the most effective and bleakest works I’ve seen in quite some time, and I’ve seen a lot of that kind of stuff.


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